Stay away from alcohol beverages few weeks before and after surgery

Hair transplantation has become a very common phenomenon in men, during the modern age. But, patients are suggested to carry out a detailed research on the procedure before they opt for the same. This is because hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, and this can cause complications if not addressed properly. Getting hold of a… Read More »

Finest Hair Transplant surgeries that are now available in India

Apart from Scalp (head) Hair Transplant Surgery , hair transplant clinics in India also providing other types of balding solutions such as Body hair transplant, eyelash/eyebrow hair transplant, Beard hair transplant, Moustache hair transplant etc.   Types of Hair transplant available in India  Body hair transplant Eyelash/eyebrow hair transplant Beard hair transplant Moustache hair transplant… Read More »

Why Hair Transplant Surgery is the best way to get Natural Hairs Back..?

Say Goodbye to Hair Loss Issues with Hair Transplant Surgery Good looks is an important aspect that accentuates your personality and hair play major role in that. And people have been opting for hair transplant to have a more attractive and youthful look as it is quite easy to hide the fact that they went… Read More »

Hair Loss treatment with Hair Transplant surgery..

Hair loss being a very alarming issue now‐a‐days can attack a man’s dignity and irritate sentiments of depression, which is very common. Hair transplantation is a lasting and powerful answer for both ladies and men who experience the ill effects of this problem. Fortunately, there have been a plenty of experimental advancements in this field… Read More »

Get more attractive look with FUE Hair Transplant Surgery….

Due to globalization, today people’s lifestyles, food habits have changed completely and its effects will be somewhere seen in our lives . Stress and pollution-right  have been completed the remaining  deficiency . As of today, two of every 5 people will complain you  that they have hair loss at an early age. To maintain yourself… Read More »

Hair Transplant with this technique will make you feel like you were never bald !!

With the Follicular unit technique only in 4-6 hours after the operation you will not recognize yourself ever were bald. Interestingly, the rear portion of the hair root itself now being transplanted, which grow throughout life, but do not just remain intact. You may shampoo & oil like always. Well known actors, politicians and film… Read More »

Dry Hair Treatments Available In Your Kitchen

Do you know that you can treat dry hair problem at home only? How? Well, by using some simple treatment from your kitchen. Let’s discuss about some dry hair treatments that are easily available in Indian Rasoi. Using egg for dry hair can do a miracle for you. Yes, egg white is a superb remedy… Read More »

FUE Hair Transplant – The best method for hair restoration

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a technique of extracting, or “grafting,” donor hair in a follicular unit hair transplant procedure. During FUE hair transplant surgery, a small, circular punch in the skin is made using a precision tool around a follicular unit. In this technique follicle hairs are removed from the donor area and transplanted… Read More »